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If you're really into investigating or just into exploring the history that surrounds us, you just might want to check in with our friends at the Urban Explorers of America!


Ghost/Spirit research * Bigfoot/Sasquatch research * UFO research * Cryptozoology

“Michigan's Ghost Paranormal Convention” will be June 29th & 30th, 2018 at the Grand Haven community center
(421 Columbus, Grand Haven, MI.). Do you want to show off your team? How about networking with other teams, sharing or learning new skills as an investigation professional? We want you here! We have booth spaces available for any Michigan based team. Whether your specialty is in the fields of ghosts/spirits, Bigfoot, UFO, even cryptozoology - we want you here to network with other groups and show your investigation and evidence to the public.

If your group is involved in the paranormal and you want your groups voice heard, then you need to be here! Network with other Michigan teams, show some of your investigations and evidence, or simply come to check out new equipment, techniques or even just come to listen to some of our speakers.  Booth spaces are limited and first come, first served. Check for convention updates graspp.org or email us for more details!

Booth prices: MI. teams = $40, MI teams with sales = $60

Convention vendors:

We are looking for groups who have things to sell, vendors of paranormal research equipment, computers and other electronics used for research, data collection and investigation, paranormal art or anything paranormally related and Michigan connected! We have a booth for you! The Michigan’s Ghost Coast Paranormal Convention on June 29th & 30th, 2018 is a totally new idea for Michigan’s paranormal scene. This is the first paranormal convention held in West Michigan to be designed for the investigation teams throughout Michigan. We are working to help you network, learn and unite. We are expecting paranormal teams and fans of the paranormal from all over the state. We have some of the top speakers and groups coming to speak about Ghost/spirit research, UFO research and Bigfoot/Cryptozoology research!

If you have items for sale, useful to these types of research, we want you here! If you have other art or items related to these fields for display or sale we have a space for you too!

Workshop spaces are also available, sponsorship packages available! This is a one of a kind event, contact us soon for more information.

Email: debunkers@graspp.info for package options!

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Tricks of the Trade!

Many have the interest to ghost hunt. Several have the desire to learn more about the paranormal. A few have the urge to help others understand the paranormal, but, do you have the COURAGE and the DEDICATION to join a group like G.R.A.S.P.P.?

We base our investigations in science and we use logic as a guideline to help people find the truth about the paranormal.

New Investigation Coming Soon!!

We recently had the opportunity to investigate at the Crisp Point Lighthouse in Paradise, Michigan. A beautifully historic lighthouse on the shore of Lake Superior. We will start to post our investigation results as soon as we get it reviewed, so keep your eyes open for some awesome photos & more!

Mark your calendars!

Upcoming events!

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Many of you have heard of our friend and mentor Amberrose Hammond. She is a great author and a good friend. If you would like to find out more about her, simply go to her website.

Strange Grand Haven Podcast / GHTR

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When we started G.R.A.S.P.P. in 2005 there were 3 of us. My wife Connie, our friend Jay and myself (Bill). We started because we saw a need for a trustworthy paranormal team that you could rely on to help find answers to the paranormal questions you have.

Our Team

Did you see us on TV?

On Sunday morning (5/28) we appeared on the WZZM TV13 Weekend Morning News! On June 9th we appeared on the FOX 17 Morning show. We had a chance to discuss G.R.A.S.P.P., Paranormal Research and our upcoming events. Please click on the icon above to see how we did and we hope to see you in Grand Haven this summer!

The Students of Grand Haven H.S. are working on a new article for their school paper...

an interview with G.R.A.S.P.P. members will be included in this issue. Can't wait to check it out! We'll post a copy of their article after it publishes.

Taking Pictures

1. Use a real camera! Cellphone cameras really don't work well when trying to take ghost pics.

2. Always take 3 shots before you move the camera.

To learn more about the how to's...

Ghost Walk for the Autism Network of Muskegon

(downtown G.H.)

Oct. 28th, 2017


GRASPP will be speaking at:

Greater Muskegon Jaycee's

Oct. 24th, 2017

Loutit district Library
New Date coming for May 2018

We don't bust ghost, we research them!

A Paranormal Research Company

Gathering Research And Stories of

Paranormal Phenomena


Urban Explorers of America

Help us keep GRASPP investigating! We do not charge for our services however, your donations allow us to maintain our equipment, website and other expenses to help keep it this way.

Thank you.

Grand Haven

High School



This episode features our interview!

G.R.A.S.P.P. has been investigating the paranormal for almost 12 years now. We're quite proud of that fact. As our cases keep growing, there will be new investigations to share. Here are several  for you to check out...

If your interested to learn more about the paranormal world, our equipment, techniques and such, here is a good place to start...