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If you're really into investigating or just into exploring the history that surrounds us, you just might want to check in with our friends at the Urban Explorers of America!


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The Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters

have asked us to join them on there podcast. More details to come...

Many have the interest to ghost hunt. Several have the desire to learn more about the paranormal. A few have the desire to help others understand the paranormal, but, do you have the COURAGE and the DEDICATION to join a group like G.R.A.S.P.P.?

We base our investigations in science and we use logic as a guideline to help people find the truth about the paranormal. Now that we have committed ourselves to explore and research all aspects of the paranormal we are looking for a few good people with the skills to help us.

New Investigation Coming Soon!!

Delays after delays,

I promised we'll be posting this soon!

We recently had the opportunity to investigate at the Crisp Point Lighthouse in Paradise, Michigan. A beautifully historic lighthouse on the shore of Lake Superior. We will start to post our investigation results as soon as we get it reviewed, so keep your eyes open for some awesome photos & more!

So here we are on the brink of re-vamping our group to include more expertise in paranormal research. We are looking into expanding into UFO & Cryptozoology research. When out of the blue we receive a random phone call from someone who wanted to report a recent , possible Bigfoot sighting! WOW! Must be a sign.

I can't give you any details just yet, except that it was on a main road near the northern Muskegon county line.

I decided to speak to a friend who had family in this area for some background info on the area. After our conversation I received an email from him...

Still Alive...
I normally do not get uncomfortable walking around at night, however to use your own words against you... "Darn it man" !!!!   There I was right in there area you were telling me about, walking through a woodland area in the middle of the night just like I have countless times.  And your voice starts repeating the particulars of the sighting report.  I swear to you it was like I was a bobbled headed six year old with the mouth of a sailor.  
    WHOA WHAT...  What was that noise?  What the
"BLEEP" was that.
If I had walked up on a chicken or one of my uncle's cows I likely would have soiled myself on a full sprint!  HEHE.

Maybe I made a mistake talking to this guy. LOL

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The first weekend in June, we will be in the U.P. with the Upper Peninsula Bigfoot/Sasquatch Research Organization. Our first cryptid training sessionMore details to come...

Many of you have heard of our friend and mentor Amberrose Hammond. She is a great author and a good friend. If you would like to find out more about her, simply go to her website.

Check out the podcasts and other media that we've been guests on. We are working on being the talk of the town!


When we started G.R.A.S.P.P. in 2005 there were 3 of us. My wife Connie, our friend Jay and myself (Bill). We started because we saw a need for a trustworthy paranormal team that you could rely on to help find answers to the paranormal questions you have.

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