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American Legion Post #28, 2010

Grand Haven, MI.

We were asked to investigate the American Legion Post #28 in Grand Haven, Michigan. We held our first investigation on November 6th, 2010. Some of the activities that have been reported by staff and members are the elevator, which seems to open and close on its own, with the power off. Several employees have felt as though someone was watching them take out the trash. Unknown noises are heard throughout the upper floor, including vivid footsteps, and a few other things that have people wondering.

Let's start with the elevator. At night, when closing the post, the elevator will be secured and locked open. It will, on its own, close the doors. People will hear the buzzer inside as if someone was operating it, the lights inside will shine through the door and the sound of muffled voices can be heard. After a few minutes all will return to normal and the doors will reopen. Once, a man who really did not believe the stories about this elevator, went into the elevator to use it as a makeshift phone booth. The door closed on him, and when it reopened he stepped out and seemed visibly shaken after the event. The elevator has been inspected & everything is in proper working order. When the employees examine the elevator after an event happens, they can't find any reason for it. The safety locks are still engaged and the power is still off. It is supposed to be impossible for this to happen when the locks are engaged, however the locks are electronic. We did not witness this event during our investigation. However, while investigating, we were able to find that sound can travel quite easily through the elevator shaft from floor to floor. This may be an explanation for the sounds that are being heard. As for the doors and lights, this is a electronic unit and a malfunction is still a possibility.

Several noises can be heard through out the upstairs while the employees are all downstairs, especially in the hall near the administration room. These noises range from footsteps and thumps, to voices and conversations. During our investigation, we did not hear any of these for ourselves, but we were able to capture several EVP's from the upstairs. Vivid footsteps can be heard from the 2nd floor, as if a heavy footed person was walking from the Commander’s Ballroom to the Administration room. This can happen at any time but is most commonly heard midday. The post commander was in an office on the 2nd floor one time while caring for the post firearms. He heard someone walk down the hall towards him and there was no one there. He was alone in the building at the time and thought that someone must have come in and he had not heard them. He called out to them and got no reply. He then took a look around and saw that he was still the only one in the building. He now cares for this equipment downstairs. Several employees have taken the trash out to the dumpster. They get a feeling as though someone is watching them and they will glance up to the window on the 2nd floor (Woman’s Aux. Room) and see the curtains from that window drop, as if someone was in the room and peeking out the curtains at them. A member had noticed the shadow of a person that seems to be walking along the sidewalk in front of the building, heading north, as though they are checking out the club. Then after walking in front of the sign (in front of the building), they are no where to be seen.

During our interview with Andy, the post manager, we learned more of the history of Post #28, including the stories of “Chops” and “Charlie”. Andy also told us about the fire that destroyed part of the post in 1968, and the additions that had been added along with some of the more recent upgrades to the post such as the new electrical wiring. We also had the opportunity to speak with a few of the members and heard some of their experiences and stories.

Don “Chops” Rescolcola passed away around Xmas last year (2010), it was also around the time of his Birthday. He was a stout member, very active with the Legion and proud of it. He is described as a man with the best intentions, but could be very ornery. Several members believe that if a spirit was hanging around the post, it would be Don.

Others like to think that “Charlie”, otherwise know as Charles Conklin, whom the post was named after, is the most likely visitor. Charlie was the 1st American Soldier to die in the line of duty in France during WW2. Charlie never knew anything about Post #28, he never had the chance to visit in his lifetime, however, we may never know if he has found his way home today.

The upstairs section, behind the ballroom, was added in the 1960's. There seems to be a lot happening in this area. Several people have heard the sound of footsteps. During our tour of the activity, Andy, the Post Manager, begins to talk about the event that the post commander had. We captured an EVP and you can hear a whisper that seems to say “get”. There were several people present, so we can't rule out contamination, but I don't believe this was any of us. After we had finished our tour we caught another EVP. This seemed to be responding to one of our investigators who had just asked for some batteries. An unknown voice replies “why?” During our investigation of this area we were able to capture several other EVP's. We even captured one while we were showing Andy and another post member how we do an EVP session.

We began our investigation after the post had closed. We had six (6) GRASPP members on hand and we used video & digital cameras, audio recorders (analog & digital), EMF detectors, IR lighting, thermometers & a laser grid. We then set up our equipment and investigated for about 4 hours. After reviewing all of the footage, we had found several items that required additional scrutiny. We made plans to return to the post to explain and attempt to recreate certain events. An additional investigation was necessary to fully explain some of the events. We have not found any evidence that can positively prove paranormal activities, however, we did find several things that are yet to be explained.

We were able to debunk some photos of unusual lights that were found in the Woman's Auxiliary room. These lights were actually outdoor building lights from the building next door. We were able to re-create them, but we still could not find a reason for the reports of the curtains moving in this same window. The stories of the elevator are still a mystery to us at this time. We did not experience the reported events. We did discover that sound travels quite clearly through the elevator shaft, which may account for some of the sounds that are heard from the upper floor. We did not find any video evidence or anomalies during our investigations either. We had found several photos that we were able to debunk (unusual lights) and we also had a few digital photos that turned out completely black. The camera that was used for these photos was an older camera and we can not rule out a malfunction of this camera. We also captured a couple of photos in the bar area that had a large shadow blocking out some of the light, in the same general area of each photo. We were quite positive that we would be able to re-create them. When we tried, we found that we were not successful. We are not sure why these photos contain the shadows.

Our opinion on the stories of the American Legion Post #28 are that we did not find enough evidence to say the post is haunted. However, there are several items that do warrant further investigation to fully explain. G.R.A.S.P.P. will always be there to answer any questions that they may have and we would gladly come back to do a follow up investigation if Post #28 requests it.

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