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Have You Noticed...

Have you noticed how you can’t change the channel on your TV without finding another show on ghost hunting?  It used to be hard to find someone to talk to if you had a problem or question involving ghosts or anything paranormal.  Now ghost hunting is main stream and everywhere.  Does this mean that anyone can help you find the answers that you are seeking?  Not really, it’s more like when you want to buy a used car.  The 1st thing to remember when you’re looking for help is what kind of help do you need?  Do your research to see if the group that you’re talking to is knowledgeable in the area that you need help in.  Do you think that you may have a ghost in your home? Or maybe you think that you have seen a UFO.          

The term “Paranormal” actually covers a broad spectrum and not all groups are knowledgeable in all areas.  Check them out, their websites and newspaper/magazine articles, anything that you can find on them.  You can learn a lot about a group by their web image.  A reliable group will have an up front web page, meaning, you won’t be hit with a bunch of pop-ups when you visit them.  You should also be able to see photos of the group or of some of their own investigations.  They should also offer you a site that is easy to navigate so you will be able to find some answers to your questions without actually contacting them.  Some groups will offer you help for free and others might ask for a fee or reimbursement of expenses.  This doesn’t mean that they are a scam, but remember, you might not get your moneys worth so be careful on what they are selling.  The biggest thing to remember is this – Paranormal Research is a new science and mostly comprised of THEORY.  Make sure that you remember that, especially when you are talking to someone.  If they are making promises like they can rid your home of ghosts using a special gadget that they have invented or something like that, you need to go elsewhere for the answers you seek.

When seeking help, it is a good idea to look at groups that are in it for the science and not the money or fame. To find one of these groups, you need to look for things like:

What type of friends do they link to?

Do they use a grading system for their collected evidence?

Do they make claims or accusations that they can’t prove?

Does everything they investigate seem to be haunted?

When looking at a group’s web page, look to see if they have a “links” page.  What type of groups is their advertising for?  Are there a lot of sites there trying to sell something?  Do some of these groups grade their evidence in a similar fashion?  Remember, you’re dealing with theory, and if others are using the same theories then they are more likely to be a bit more credible.

I have heard of a group from the west coast that claims to have the technology to come to your home and capture a ghost in a trap, than take the ghost to their base and place the ghost into their containment system.  Sounds to me like somebody has watched the movie “Ghostbusters” one to many times.  The scary part is they are actually finding clients.  Other groups will come in to your home with a bottle of supposedly holy water, spray it around a few times and chant a few words then tell you that they have cleansed your home and run to the bank to cash your check. It doesn’t work that way!  Don’t be fooled by scam artists. 

A group that is really trying to help you will go through a list of steps that they will follow every time they start a new case.  They will start with an interview; some will even have forms for you to sign that say you have requested their services.  They should offer you liability waivers and publishing permissions.  You should see these things up front and you should READ them completely and understand them before you sign anything!  Most of these forms are to protect you as well as the investigating group.  Then they will explain the procedures of what they intend to do in your case and you should make sure you understand and agree with them before you let them into your home or business, supervised or not. You are their client, don’t be misled or bullied into something that you are not sure of.  After they have done their investigation, don’t ask about the results because they need to go through a lot of info and see what they can explain away.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t ask how it went, if they had any personal experiences or things like that, it might give everyone a little more info to go on as they sift through the material.

It has been our experience that most things can be logically explained.  We have found that some thing will take longer to figure out and some we may never figure out. As a general rule, for us that is, when you find something unusual, you do everything that you can possibly do to debunk it.  Some groups will find an “orb” in a photo and say the place is haunted, without even looking at the obvious things like dust and moisture. With all of the “Hollywood Hunters” out there trying to make as much of every investigation to show the most ghosts and get the best rating, it can get confusing sorting out the facts.  Remember, if it’s on TV or in the movies it’s Hollywood and it’s meant to get ratings and make money so it’s got to be haunted!  Real life ghost hunting isn’t quite that exciting – well, most of the time anyway.

If you’re looking for help with a paranormal problem, then I hope this gives you a little more information to aid in your search.  Please contact us if you would like more help in finding the right information for your needs.

When a person or group starts to become recognized for the things that they do, they start to receive requests for their knowledge. We received an email from Morris Publishing asking us to review a book from a local author, Chris Gibbons.  We were glad to be one of the groups that had been contacted and when Chris' book arrived I jumped right in to it. This book is a true story, Chris and his family's true story, which details the events they experienced when the family purchased a new home. Once I started reading this book, I found it hard to put down. This is a home that every serious investigator would want to investigate.

Check out this excerpt from Chris' story and then you will want to read the entire book, as I did.




I do wish to tell you, now, lest I progress too far without saying so, I was not at that time particularly interested in spiritual matters, ghosts, and the like. I didn’t come looking for any of these things. I only wished to work honestly to provide a nice home for my family, to spend time with them, and to see to their growing needs.

So shortly after we purchased the house, before we moved in, I would, with excitement and a spirit of optimism, spend my evenings in the house preparing for our occupancy. There was much to be done with repairs, cleaning, and the removal of the worn out belongings of the prior owners. As I worked and spent time at these tasks, alone in the house, I would often feel what I would describe as a creepy presence in the house with me. It seemed at times, as though I were being watched; sometimes from afar, sometimes as though someone were hanging right over my shoulder, almost in my ear; nearly as though an invasion of my personal space.

This presence, this sense that someone or something was in the house with me had a certain pressure to it. It was as if it wanted me gone, like it wanted me to leave, as though it owned this space and it was not anyone else business, including my own, to tend to it. So, as I worked in the evenings, especially when alone, it would occur to me that this house was not comfortable for this pressure. I would feel as though I should leave before my work was done. This sensation that someone, or something was present would come and go.

I do recall a specific instance, which occurred on one of those evenings; it was late, on a moonless night, and time to leave after a good evenings work. Upon backing my car out of the driveway and into the street I looked back to the house and noticed I had left a single light on in the upstairs back bedroom closet.

This circumstance was of particular concern to me, as I did not like to leave the lights on unattended. It seemed to me unsafe given the age of the house, and the fact that most of the wiring was original to its installation so many years ago. And when I noticed the light I thought I should go back into the house to turn it off.

Looking up, from the seat of my car, sitting in the street, I paused, struck by the imposing dark silhouette of my towering three-story home standing out against the night sky and the black emptiness of the windows hanging on its façade. From this vantage point, in the dark of night, the house seemed ominous, as if its empty black windows, and the rooms behind them, belonged to another.

From all of this, the misbegotten light emanated from the back closet, peering out into the darkness from the rear side window. The light seemed to break forward into the darkness of night as a challenge; as if some personality from inside the house were leveling a threat; “Come, come climb these stairs, invade my emptiness, come to the back of this house to tend this light. Come, break my close, I dare you.” This space was occupied, and I knew it.

And I tell you now, honestly, I deferred. Sitting, outside in the street, safely in my car, I made a choice. I chose not to pull the car back into the driveway. I chose not to enter the home I had just purchased for my family. Despite my concern for safety, I chose to leave the light in the back closet just as it was. I chose to leave the house to whatever, or whoever, lay inside.

So I understood, then, as I do now, something, someone, some energy, or a force, or a spirit existed within my house, and it felt an ownership of it to the exclusion of myself, and anyone else who may have thought to conclude otherwise.

So you know, it did seem ridiculous to me, even on that night, that I had spent my life savings to purchase a home perfectly suited to the needs of my family and I was afraid to go into it after dark. I mean, after all, I am a professional (to the extent that means anything), an adult, a father with children, a grown man, and there I sat, responding to cues an objective eye would not recognize. But I figured I would get over it. After all, what was there to do? What exactly was the dilemma anyway? How would anyone, even myself, credibly articulate the cold challenge existing within the walls of my newly acquired house?

The simple fact is I couldn’t. So I didn’t.

Instead, I continued on, with my wife to restore the house. We stripped the woodwork from paint. Patched and painted the walls and ceilings, refinished the floors, upgraded the electric, and in early summer, moved our children and things into a house we were determined to make our home...

You can find out more about this book by going to:


Morris Avenue Publishing © 2011



Going Dark

Why do ghosts only come out at night??  The correct answer is that they don't.  There are many reported hauntings during the day, even in places where there are crowds of people.  There is, however, something to be said for working in the dark.  People say the sun spreads so much energy it overpowers other sources of energy and so night is a better time to combat that overflow.  According to Jeff Belanger, “If you look at a graphic depicting the earth's electromagnetic field, you'll see that on the sunny side of the planet, the field is concentrated to help ward off the sun's deadly radiation.  On the dark side, the field is not nearly as concentrated because it doesn't have to be.”

The same basic theory concerns light in a house.  Much of the paranormal toolbox works better in the dark, perhaps because the equipment uses waves on the light spectrum, like ultraviolet, that are affected by natural light, or possibly because they measure energy that lights interfere with.  This can be combated by taking baseline readings with the lights on for most of the equipment and again with them off.

They say a person who has lost his sight has his other senses strengthened to compensate.  There might be something to this as well, when looking for ghosts.  Without lights, your other senses, including your natural night vision, are called upon to help out.  Going dark may focus you and help you become one with your environment.  It also helps to reduce shadows or tricks of light that may be mistaken for spirits.

Most of the “going dark” rule has to do with the mood of investigators.  There is something romantic about turning the lights off and walking around with your paraphernalia in the dark.  Most television shows work this way, and it adds to the drama for the audience.  Don't be tempted to think all investigations have to be done under these conditions.  Some of the best proof of a haunting I have gotten has come from a ghost's manipulation of lights.

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