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Mark and Sally of Cadillac, MI

We were called to the home of Mark and Sally of Cadillac. When we first interviewed them on October 23, 2010, they had a few different things going on. We spent about 1 ½ hours at their home talking with them about the events they’ve been experiencing. They had everything from objects being moved, electrical disturbances, footsteps heard throughout the home, shadows seen, unusual cold spots, door slams and the list continues.

On November 13, we showed up to begin our investigation. The investigators present this night were Bill, Jay, Danielle, Ettie, Nicole, Kerri, and Patty. We arrived at their home about 8p.m., we got our equipment unloaded and set up. Mark gave us a walked through the house, and we took some base readings for each room and different areas within each room. We were ready to go about 9:30p.m. We let the house sit empty for a short time to plan our investigation and set our teams….

And then we began.

We started out the night with Jay, Patty, and Nicole as the first team going into the residence. The teams of Bill & Ettie and Danielle & Kerri were staged outside the home waiting for their turns. This was a cold night, and there was no snow on the ground. Each of the teams did some filming with hand-held video cameras and stationary video cameras on tripods. They also used voice recorders, EMF detectors, a laser grid, a Mel-meter, IR thermometers and IR lights.

During the time that Jay, Nicole, and Patty were in the home, they made their way into the child’s playroom. On the video recording, you can hear Jay ask if anyone had heard “that”. “That” was a noise which he described as “someone taking a picture… the sound that a camera would make.” No one else heard this but him. They were the only three in the house, and they were within a couple of feet of each other, in the same room. When we listened to the audio and video from that moment, a sound was picked up on the audio, but NOT the video, interesting. Shortly after that Jay, Nicole, and Patty left the house, and Bill and Ettie began their investigation. When they made it to the playroom all seemed normal. It was not heard at the time, but on the audio recorder that they were using there was a voice picked up under Ettie’s voice. Also, while still in the playroom, Bill was explaining to Ettie how to view the photos on the camera that she was using. While Bill is explaining this, you can hear a voice, also on the audio recording only, saying, “what is he talking about?”. This playroom has had several reports of events from the family that include things that had moved on there own and uneasy feelings by Sally when she would enter the room. This room used to be a bedroom for there son (age 3) before it was turned into the playroom. When the son had the room, he would often wake in the night crying for no reason. Mark and Sally didn’t think about this a whole lot until they moved him to another room and suddenly, he would sleep through the night without a problem.

There were also a couple of personal experiences that some of the team members had witnessed through the night, but not enough additional evidence to back them up.

Sometimes the small things are interesting enough to grab your attention, but then there are the things that you really don’t expect that jump right out at you and slap you in the face. When Jay, Nicole and Patty were in the home during their investigation in the master bedroom, Jay was running a hand held video camera. He was panning around the room, and checking out a new I.R. light that we had just added to our collection. In the process, he picked something up in a view of the window, in that bedroom. While filming, he did not notice anything unusual. When we reviewed this video a few days later, he found what appears to be an image of a person. We are unsure if the image is a reflection or an actual apparition. We are sure that it is not someone outside as there were cars parked facing that window and the team outside did not see anyone. We know where everyone was at during this time and we have a good idea as to where Jay and his team were actually standing when the event happened. We have already tried to recreate this image without success. You can check out this actual video on the
video page, and send us your opinion, or thoughts on this event.

While we have several things to explain still, we are not sure as to what is actually happening in their home. There are a few things that we are looking into that may connect some of Mark’s experiences to some of the experiences of his brother Mike (see the Mike & Sue investigation). They have remembered stories that their Stepmother would complain about when they were growing up. Stories that involved a photo of a grandparent that would always get moved or flipped.


A couple of things , personal things, happened to each of the brothers a few weeks after our last investigation. Then, everything just stopped happening at both homes. We  now believe that the spirit which was causing their problems might have been a passed relative who finally got their point across to the brothers.

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Mike and Sue of Cadillac, MI.

In the home of Mike & Sue, of Cadillac, MI., there were some unusual things happening so they called GRASPP in to investigate. We first interviewed them at their home on May 8, 2010. Since then, we have made several trips to Cadillac to debunk and re-investigate. Every trip has been interesting. Mike's twin brother Mark has even had a few strange things happen at his home, we are now investigating for his family too.

We spent about an hour & half there as they told us of the happenings. The strange noises, the sound of doors opening & closing, the strange sound of footsteps and no one is around. The one event that was the final straw, was when Sue had put the kids to bed and then went to bed herself. A short time later she heard someone whisper in her ear. She looked to see if one of the children had awaken, but they were still asleep. Sue again got comfortable and started to doze off when the whisper “hey” again happened in her ear. This time it was louder. She then went down stairs, turned on the TV and waited for her husband to return from work.

We did the 1st investigation on May 29, 2010. The investigators present were Bill, Connie, Danielle, Dani, Kerri, and Jay. We arrived about 8:45 PM, chatted with the family for a few minutes, then we set up all of our equipment. We decided to place a camera and voice recorder in the playroom. One of the stories they had told us was what their niece had an experience in this room. The niece was about 5 years old and was visiting over the Christmas holiday with her family. She was given the play room for her stay and was quite excited about having her own room. The niece went into the room to put her things away and quietly returned a few minutes later. When bed time came and she was told to go head to the playroom, she sadly asked if she could sleep in the lining room with the others. Surprised, they questioned her on why, and she told them that there was a “scary man in the closet and he told me that this was not my room and I had to get out.” This “scary man” has since made several visits, but only when there are very young girls in the room.

We also placed a video camera and voice recorder in the living room, master bedroom and in the basement – where the family is currently remodeling. We used IR lights with all cameras and we used a hand held camera & voice recorder as well as emf detectors, a K2 meter and infra-red thermometers. We started investigating about 10:00 PM, and the evening was quite interesting. It didn't take long for the team to start experiencing things. Connie and Danielle were in the basement and Connie reported “We were setting things up in the basement, when we were ready we shut the lights off. I was standing on the side of the steps on the basement floor, when for some reason I reached over the steps that I was standing next to. When I did this, I all of a sudden I had the strange feeling as if I had stuck my hands in the middle of a cobweb mess. We immediately turned on our flashlights, and found no traces of cobwebs present.”

Kerri, Danielle and Dani were in the living room during an EVP session when they all heard “phantom footsteps" on the outside deck. We also caught these footsteps on one audio recorder. We had several other investigators waiting for their turn to go to work, just sitting about 50' away from the deck when this occurred.

We decided to do a second investigation to gather more information, so we returned on June 26, 2010 with investigators Bill, Nancy, Pat, Kerri, and Justin. We arrived about 9:30 pm., set up all of our equipment in the same areas as before and we were ready to begin at about 10:00 pm.

Bill and Justin were the first team in this time. This was Justin’s first time on an investigation. Justin, an engineer, was new to the team and he was quite confident that he would be able to debunk anything that he came across. I am now wondering if his confidence had created a challenging effect which may had contributed to the following events for the evening.

Bill and Justin finished their investigation, Bill then reported “I was with our new investigator, Justin, and we had several things happen which I am still baffled about. We had heard the sound of our cameras several times, a sound that they only make when they are being turned on. We had 1 camera shut down on us for some unknown reason, as we tried to figure out where these tones were coming from. This camera is also the only one which suffered from unusual battery drain. None of the other cameras had shut down unexpectedly and no one else was in the home except us. These cameras would have to of been turned off and then turned back on, physically, to make this sound. That would have created a break in the all of the recording, which didn't happen. The sound always seemed to be coming from a room that we were not in. We would go to that area where we heard it and we would hear it again a few minutes later somewhere else. These sounds had us running all over the house, as thou they wanted us to follow them.

At one point, we had gone into the master bedroom to investigate one of these tones and Bill stepped into the room. Something hit his belt and made a sound, which we caught on several recorders and cameras. Justin and Bill both heard the sound and Bill felt the contact. They were not able to find anything out of place or within reach that could have been bumped which would explain this event. Justin also reported that “While we were in the master bedroom, touring the house, the outer half of my arm between my elbow and wrist felt numb/prickly. Also, I felt a coolness around my ankles/feet. A definite temperature difference, but part of me wanted to write it off as air flow issues.” ( NOTE: The house was quite warm and the air was stagnant, we had the windows closed and the A/C was off, as well as the ceiling fan.)

Later during this investigation, Kerri and Pat had an experience as well. Kerri reported that “Pat and I were in the basement. We were standing still and approximately 4' to 5' apart. Questions were being asked during an EVP session (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and in an instant, I felt as if someone was grabbing me from behind and was pulling me backward. I also felt, at this time, a tingling sensation that went through my entire body. My first reaction was to bend my knees and try to regain my balance. I felt nauseous, Pat helped me to a chair and that's where I stayed for the rest of that session.”

It took a couple of weeks to evaluate all of the possible evidence that we had gathered. There was an unusually high amount of events, both video and audio, to examine. An average case usually yields about 50 to 60 events for us to evaluate, this case had over 200. We were able to debunk most of them and we were left with about 50 video and audio clips that were questionable or unexplainable.

A few months later Mike informed us that he and Sue had separated. When we asked if he thought that this was related to the events of the home, he wasn't sure but felt that it probably wasn't. This however, wasn't the end of the activity in his home.

A few months later, Mike had a new girl friend and her young daughter over. The old man made a couple more visits and we were called back in to check it out. We did not find any new evidence from that investigation.

After reviewing all of the video & audio evidence, and discussing the personal experiences which several of the investigators have had, G.R.A.S.P.P. has determined that there is something of a paranormal nature happening at this home. We found NO evidence of anything that we would consider to be dangerous to the family. Everything that we uncovered is of a curious nature and the family should be able to deal with future events with a little training and assertive reinforcement (“This is my house!” attitude). We will let you know how it works for them.

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Cadillac, MI

We  did 2 investigations in Cadillac at the same time, for twin brothers, who were having completely different experiences. Here are their case files. Please check out the videos and audio pages for some of the possible evidence from these investigations!

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