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It was a cool October night in 2005...

Halloween night.  My wife and I were at our new home in Nunica, Michigan, waiting for the trick or treaters to start showing up.  I had a huge bowl of candy ready and waiting when one of our new neighbors knocked at the door.  They were wondering if we were going to the town hall for the annual Halloween party.  What??

It appears that the little town of Nunica doesn’t let their little “monsters” do the door to door thing.  Way to burst my bubble.  So we settled in, grabbed a handful of candy and started watching the endless lineup of ghost hunting shows.  About halfway through one of them, Connie says to me “We should do that some time!”  I replied with a “What?!”, as we were watching a show doing a séance to find Jack the Ripper.  “We should go on a ghost hunt!” she clarified.  I’m thinking that could be fun, and I asked her when she would like to go, her reply...  "NOW!" 

So we called our friend Jay and headed over to one of the most haunted places in Michigan.  The Nunica Twp. Cemetery.

We had a very interesting time that night, we took a lot of photos and creeped ourselves out more than a couple of times.  We headed back to the house to look at our photos and found quite a few things that we didn't understand. 

A few days later we sent the photos to a group that we had found in our area, hoping to get a little insight on our discoveries.  This group was already established and well known.  When they replied back, they bluntly told us that "we had nothing, we didn’t know what we were doing, don't bother us...", DUH!

We decided that we could figure things out for ourselves.  We did a lot of researching on the web and we learned really quick that they were right, we had nothing.  However, we started to get more into this crazy hobby and decided to see where it would take us.  We wanted to learn more, that way if someone ever asked us a question about ghosts; we could try to help them and not be blatantly rude about it.  This was the beginning of "Gathering Research And Stories of Paranormal Phenomena", G.R.A.S.P.P.

Over the years we have learned a lot about the paranormal world of ghosts and spirits.  We have even found some answers to a few of our questions and we found more questions that we can’t answer, just yet.  With a few years under or belts, we now believe that ghosts and spirits are not something that anyone needs to really fear, most of the time. We also believe that emotion, both positive and negative, will impact any actual paranormal event.  Mostly, paranormal events can be explained away logically and are found not to be paranormal in the end.  We always try to take a logical approach to investigating.  We also try to educate people in how to handle the things that go bump in the night.  The answers are out there; we just have to learn how to ask the right questions.