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Must Love Dogs

Grand Haven, MI.

Shadow captured by Clint & Billy Beach @ Must Love Dogs

One Saturday afternoon toward the end of the Summer of 2015 one of the employees was working all by herself.  A husband and wife entered the store with their dog.  While they shopped, the dog walked around with them, suddenly he stopped and stared at one particular corner of the ceiling.  It seems that a lot of dog’s stare at this spot. He sat there for quite a few minutes just staring.  Then suddenly the dog up and ran out the door.  The husband ran to get the dog, and the wife started cracking jokes saying, “Gee, you would have thought he saw a ghost the way he ran out of here.”  The employee looked at her and said, “you never know, he just may have.”  The wife completed their purchase and walked outside where her husband had been sitting with the dog.  At this time, the dog refused to enter the store again.  Next thing the employee knew, the husband came back into the store.  He told the employee he had an odd question to ask of her.  He asked her if she was working alone, to which she replied she was the only one working at that time.  She asked him why??  He said when they entered the store, he saw a man standing behind her at the counter.  As they looked around the store awhile, he then looked back, the man behind the counter was gone. 

The owners of the shop Must Love Dogs came to our group about several strange goings on.

They hear the sounds of product moving, with no one nearby, they can hear the basement door closing when they are both upstairs, and when the owner stands at the cash register, she feels like she's being watched.

The building used to be an old meat market owned by Edward Kinkema.  People would walk in and ask Ed “Is this the butcher?” he would reply “No, he's next door” as he gestured to the barbershop which was next door.

There is an old entrance to the tunnels that once ran under the city.  Now it's all filled in but, we decided to dig around a little bit with the owners and found several letters from a soldier during WWII.  The letters were from Pvt. John Otis Wright [U.S. Air Corps.] to his parents, Mel and Ruth Wright.  Mel and Ruth owned the building after Ed and ran a sandwich shop.

 We also found several old meat hooks which came from Ed's old meat market and an old hi-heeled shoe was also dug out of the sand, the owner still unknown.

We did an EVP session using the old shoe and captured an EVP clearly saying, “I could have had that”. We’re not quite sure what he meant by that.

After showing the owners our findings, we all left the store together.  The next morning the owner walk into the store to find some merchandise on the floor.  She began reviewing the security cameras.  The camera shows a stack of doggy tutus made of clingy tulle falling oddly from their shelf. 

We were not able to find a logical reason for this and we could not recreate the event exactly as it was recorded. (video is on the website)

During a follow up training session, two of our investigators had strange experiences.  One of them saw a thin, bright flash of light in the corner as well as several bright, tiny lights flitting about.

Another investigator was struck with an overwhelming feeling of dizziness and nausea when standing beside the register.  These events are still under investigation.

Before last year's tour, the owners contacted us once again to say that one of their dog mannequins was found lying away from the display window it had been in.  No one was in the room at the time the dog was moved and it was too far away to have simply fallen.

During the 2016 Grand Haven Historical Ghost Tour one of our guests, Clint Beach, captured a photo of a shadow that we cannot debunk! Check it out on the tour page and let us know what you think.