Paranormal Ex

Check out our interview from the MAPIT Team and  the "Paranormal Ex "crew based in the TC/Northern Michigan area!

Paranormal Ex is part of the Mystical Awakenings Radio network on

These folks have a great investigation team and they also have several podcasts from different members of their team

This episode features our interview!

Sacred Journeys

Beth and Barry were our first contact with the MAPIT Team and the Mystical Awakenings Radio Network. We feel you will really love these people and you will be able to meet them and the rest of the MAPIT Team at the Michigan's Ghost Coast Paranormal Convention.


Strange Grand Haven Podcast / GHTR


Our newest media spot!


Check out some of these podcasts and other media attention that

we have been guests on.

This Podcast isHAUNTED!

We have visited with Cate & Jen twice now. These girls are a riot to talk with. We think you'll really enjoy their show.

Ghostly Talk

While we have yet to be guests on Ghostly Talk, we do have a couple of good friends with a huge following over there.

So, I had to add them to our page for you to check out.

Strange Grand Haven

Local Author Kevin Collier has several things going on today. Kevin is a reporter who does a column called "Strange Grand Haven". He also does the podcast and written several book of the same name. We have been lucky enough to be featured in two of his books as well as this interview!

Well, we've finally done it! We went and started  our own Podcast show!

Here are the first few episode for you to check out, please let us know what you think.

Keep your eye on our Facebook page as we are also starting to do Facebook events and podcasts too‚Äč



We visited with TJ from the Escanaba Michigan area on April 10, 2018 for this phone interview. Along with myself (Bill) we also had Connie, Jay and Mike to give a little insight on our goals and views.

Have you see us on TV or in print?

In May, 2017 we appeared on the WZZM TV13 Weekend Morning News! Also, in June we appeared on the FOX 17 Morning show. We had a chance to discuss G.R.A.S.P.P., Paranormal Research and our upcoming events. We have even been featured in several newspapers, magazines and books over the years too. Just an FYI.

Please click on the icon above to see how we did and we hope to see you in Grand Haven this summer!

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