What services are offered by GRASPP?

We don't bust ghost, we research them!

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Gathering Research And Stories of

Paranormal Phenomena


GRASPP offers many several services, usually free of charge...

We are a scientifically based group that looks for logical answers with proven equipment and techniques for researching with the use of trained individuals and sensitives. Our goal is to help you understand what's going on and gather research on things that may be paranormal.

We will investigate your home, business or experience to help find answers to your paranormal questions.

We are available to honestly answer your questions about the paranormal.

​We research everything paranormal from the ghostly to UFO's and even cryptids like Bigfoot and the dogman.

We are available to speak at your events. (Donations vary per event)

We offer several ways for you to find answers through our website and Facebook, allowing you to look up definitions of paranormal terms or to even learn investigation techniques to try on your own.

We have a large network of paranormal connections to help you in a number of ways, should it be necessary. We pride ourselves on being there to help you sort out fact from fiction as best as we can, using every means available to us.

We offer several levels of confidentiality to fit your needs and comforts.