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Final Case Report: Tate investigation,

We were contacted in June of 2015 by Carol Tate, telling us that they had some unusual events occurring in their home. The “icing on the cake” for them was when their granddaughter was screaming - in a blood curdling scream, from an upstairs bedroom. It took them over an hour to get her calmed down. This event happened twice for her. Also, a couple of years earlier while a friend was spending the night with her 3-year-old daughter. The daughter had an experience in the same bedroom. She had stated that “the man upstairs did not want her there.”

Some of the other event which the Tate’s had reported to us were:

            Carol’s side of the bed shaking as if someone was trying to wake her up, with a “consoling touch”.

            The smell of cigarette smoke in the basement even after Carol had cleaned the area with bleach. Carol stated that it still smelled as if someone had smoked a pack. No  one in the home smokes.

            An antique wall clock in the living room would be found with the glass faced door open, this has happened on several occasions.

            A trail of “crumbs” was found leading from the main floor to the upstairs after Carol had just cleaned the entire house. Oddly enough, this happened the day before we were to arrive for their first interview.

            The smell of “old lady perfume” was noticed in the living room, a bedroom on the main floor and one of the bedrooms upstairs.

            Knocking on the bathroom door when she was  in the shower and no one else was home.

            The doorbell would go off by itself, several different times. Seemingly, when Carol was upset this would possibly trigger this event. A couple of times when this happened someone would be in position to immediately look outside and see no one around.

Over the interview and 2 investigations the Tate’s informed us of other events. One event told to us after the 2nd investigation, involved Rod and an old chair he rescued for the curb. Rod and Carol were relaxing in the living room when Rod was pinched in the back while sitting in this chair. Carol teased him a bit, but he was really unnerved about it. He explained that he was really creeped out by this and wanted to burn his clothes. He left the room to change and after a while Carol realized that he had not returned. She went to find him and was surprised to find him upstairs. He had made it to the upstairs bedroom where other activity has been reported.  However, he made it without making any noise, considering that the steps make a lot of creaking sounds when walked on and there were several tubs of Christmas decorations in the narrow hallway at the top of the steps that he somehow made it past without disturbing.  Even more unusual, when Carol found him, he was very confused on how he had got there, and he was dressed in just his underwear!

The biggest concern for the Tate’s is that they do not want their granddaughter to be too afraid to come visit with them. They asked us to see what we could figure out what, if anything, was happening...

We came to the Tate home on June 13, 2015 to do an interview, them set July 25, 2015 as the (first) investigation date. Carol supplied us with some background research that she had collected. We did some research ourselves on the property and former residents and compared it to Carol’s work and found it to be pretty accurate. We found out, according to the oldest plat map (1877) that we could find, there appears to be no property owner at that time. We also found that Newcomb McGraft owned the property from 1900 to possibly as late as 1911.  Mr. McGraft may have taken part in developing the neighborhood by breaking the area up into property lots.

It appears that the Tate home was built in 1949, as nothing shows up in the city directory as being on that lot until then. We are not sure who owned the lot at this time, but it does not appear to be paper mill or war housing which was common in this area at that time. We did find former resident information. In the late 1940’s Bob and Jane Anderson were the property owners and we are assuming that they may be the original home owners as well. According to a neighbor who knew them, Mr. Anderson pass away approximately 1995, around Easter. When researching the Anderson’s, we found that Mrs. Anderson’s full name was listed as Vivian Jane Anderson and in older records, Jane Vivian Anderson. In 2001 they sold the home to Nova J. Salsbury Fry. It is not clear how long she owned the property but we did find that she sold it to Paul and Kim Goosen who purchased the home as a rental property. It appears that due to a poor economy and renters failing to pay the Goosen’s lost the home to foreclosure in 2007. During their ownership we believe that a renter  lived there. This renter had a brother named Robert, who would stay with her for short periods. Robert was mentally challenged, but still able to function on his own. He was described as sort of a wanderer, but homeless. He would occasionally stay with Her from time to time, sleeping in the basement, especially during cold weather. We believe that Robert passed away in the winter of 2010 possibly from exposure. He was found in a dumpster being sorted at a facility. It was unclear if he died before or after the dumpster was loaded into the truck. The police believe that Robert climbed into the dumpster in an attempt to stay warm.

In 2008 the home was purchased by Carol, who later married Rodney Tate and they remained in the home. Carol pretty much had to remodel the complete home as there was a lot of damage to the property from neglect and past renters.

When we arrived for the first investigation we set up a base of operation in the garage of the Tate’s neighbor so we could better control noise contamination by being further from the house. We began set up in the Tate home with video cameras (stationary & mobile), audio recorders (stationary & mobile), still cameras, EMF pump. EMF meters, MEL-meter and a few other smaller devices. We also had a new camera system that we were using for the first time. This system is basically a security system converted for investigation use.

On this investigation set-up became unusually difficult. It began to seem like we had never done this before as equipment did not want to work properly and such simple items just wouldn't come together. It was beginning to get frustrating. One item that was a huge issue was the new camera system. It should have been a simple set up, turn it on and record. However, we had problem after problem with getting the system up and running. It just did not want to do as it was told. It would not move how we tried to move it, it would move on its own and weird things like that.  It was doing things that our computer people were telling us was impossible. While we were so focused on these cameras other investigators kept coming up to tell us of problems like batteries that were dead, equipment that wasn’t working or wouldn’t turn on. We simply told them to do what they could, change the battery or what ever was necessary. It took us a long time to actually get to the investigating part, but we finally managed to get to work.

We had several personal experiences while investigating, both inside the home and out. At one point during the night Matt and Bill were in the garage when Matt noticed someone looking around the corner of the garage from the neighbors backyard. We quickly ran to see who it was, they were just gone. It was not possible for them to get away without us seeing them, let alone hearing them go through the heavy bushes surrounding the yard but they did just that, they vanished.

While at our base in the neighbors garage, Bill saw a bedroom curtain from upstairs move while he was outside looking up. When investigators immediately went to check it out they could not find a logical explanation for the event. Several noises were heard throughout the investigation; some were captured on recordings – mostly audio, and several we were able to explained. Some we could not explain.

During our reviewing of the footage and recordings we noticed something that we didn’t see during our setup. While we were consumed with getting that new camera system operating, everyone was having battery drainage and other electronic issues at the same time. We had gone thru all of our battery supply in about 45 minutes. This is completely unheard of. We carry enough batteries for each device to replace them 3 times. Each battery usually will last 1 to 2 hours on average. While this is not positively paranormal, battery drain is usually associated with some form of paranormal events and this was a very unusual event for us.

Our audio recordings seemed to be highly active as well. Our mobile audio is set up so that the investigator can hear what the recorder is picking up while recording. The investigators using the mobile system were hearing a lot of unusual sounds from whispers and taps to scrapes and growling sounds.

In all, the first investigation lasted about 4 1/2 hours. During the evidence review we found several personal experiences that were recorded and the event itself did not get captured. We also found several EVP’s that we could not debunk logically as well.

We felt that there was enough activity happening and several things that we needed to recheck from this investigation that we asked the Tate’s if we could return to do another investigation.

They agreed.

When we went back to do the second investigation on Sept. 19, 2015 we added 3 more new cameras to our system. We again had several problems with the set-up of the system. It got so bad that we called the guy we purchased the system from and woke him to get help in figuring it out. He walked us thru the steps to check the Wi-Fi connection, thinking this might be the issue with something like a double feed connection or something crazy. What we found was that the Wi-Fi was not connected. This was very strange because with no Wi-Fi, there should be no image coming thru to the computer. However, we had 1 camera giving us the same image from 2 camera screens and we had another camera that would work or not, at random. At one point he had us reset everything to a point that that computer would not recognize the new system at all, almost to a re-install point. Where it should be impossible to have any image at all, yet we did. While we cannot call this paranormal due to the fact that it is a new system that we did not know, I do not have a logical answer for it.

Once we got back to investigating again we tried to recreate some of the things that we found in the first investigation, to see if we got the same results. For example, we tried to see if we could catch any of the knocking that Carol reported during her showers. We also tried again to get the bed to shake. We also started new EVP sessions to see if we could identify any of the voices captured from the last investigation. We previously captured a female voice and a male that were not of the investigation team, and we could not determine who they were.

During the second investigation we also brought the Tate family into the home for a couple of reasons. First they were interested in seeing how we work and second, we were hoping that if the unknown voices were family we might be able to get some kind of response.

We did not have any battery drainage like in the first investigation. Actually, the activity level was down compared to the first investigation. Which really makes us wonder a little more about the battery and camera issues the first time around.

Our conclusion from the 2 investigations is that there is enough activity in this home to say something of a paranormal nature is happening. While the evidence we were able to collect is intriguing, we were not able to identify any solid evidence to explain a cause for the activity. We do not believe that there is anything negative happening and we were not able to confirm that the activity is related to the Tate family, or to Robert. However, we were not able to rule these possibilities out either. We also spoke with Carol and Rod to explain things that they should do when things happen. We know that they are not afraid of the activity, we believe that they will be able to help their granddaughter understand if she should have another event. Also, we will always be available should the Tate’s have the need.

We last spoke to the Tate's a couple of months after their review and they said that things seem to be pretty quiet lately.

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